Alice Andreoli

Hi! I’m Alice class of 2022, and I attend the “Scienze Applicate” course at Liceo Scientifico A. Roiti.
I really like reading and listening to music, in fact I play drum.
I also play tennis, I go sailing and I like skiing when I can.
I joined this project last year and in the summer of 2020 I attended the online Engineering Design Workshop summer program offered by the Edgerton Center.
What I love of HoPE is how I can totally be myself.
I met incredible people, always ready to help you even if they don’t know you.
It’s amazing how you and your team can conceive and create a project together and even in the worse moments there is something good that you can learn and someone beside you.
Moreover, this program really helps you with your self confidence and personal growth.
I love this project and all the people involved and I can’t imagine my life without it.