Our collaborations

In these years of work there have been many opportunities for us to collaborate with other institutions around the world. We received a lot of support from many them, but we also did our best to help them back or support some younger ones.

MIT Edgerton Center

The MIT Edgerton Center has been our main collaborator since the beginning our program. It was in fact only thanks to some instructors (lead by Ed Moriarty) and students of them, who came to our high school to run STEAM workshops, that the HoPE started in 2018. From that moment we’ve always been in straight contact with them, receiving online support during the years, sending our students there to attend their workshops during the summers and hosting here teams of students and instructors who keep coming every year to support our projects and students. The Edgerton Center has always been our main sponsor and promoter and it’s thanks to them that the HoPE was born.

UniFe Physics Department

The Physics Department of the University of Ferrara has always been one of our closer collaborator. Every year we are invited to run open house events or little workshops in their department. Some of our former students and mentors who are now studying there often comes to our weekly meetings at Roiti to help with their experience and knowledge. One of our teacher organizer, Prof. Trevissoi, is also currently studying for a PhD in Physics at UniFe.

SFN Kassel

The SFN Kassel is an organization based in Kassel (DE) which started in 2002 as a Physics Club, in a very similar way to what happened at Liceo Roiti in 2018 with the HoPE. Nowadays they count hundreds of students and dozens of sponsors and supporters, but their goals remane “to create a free and high-quality working environment for the students”; they are a very good example to follow for us. We have had many opportunities of collaborations with them, hosting one of their professors Joerg Steiper in Ferrara a couple of times and having our students participating to Hackathons and Conferences organized by them.

CIC Batxillerats

We started collaborating with this foundation located in Barcelona (SP) in 2018, when one of our teacher (Prof. Trevissoi) and a couple of our students were invited there to help starting a program similar to our one. From that time on there have been many occasion in which we supported their program, by sharing our experiences and project documentations; we also hosted their teacher organizer Alicia Lopez-Jornet a couple of times in Ferrara.