Bottle 9 (Water Rocket)

Team missions

-Make the rocket fly

-Don’t destroy it at every crash

-Take some cool photos

-Acquire atmospheric datas

Why do you want to do this project?

We were interested in rocket engineering and a water rocket is the more safe and  sustainable way to make one.

Why can it be of interest to someone else too?

It could be of interest to all those passionate about space engineering as it could be a simple and efficient project.


Purpose of the project

We want to use it for collecting data about the environment and atmosphere

Structure of the project

-Launching pad




-Electronic and payload section

-Nose Cone


Necessary materials (exclude tools and utensils unless you need something very special for the realization) 

-Coca Cola bottles

-Bike air pump

-Garden hose fast connector

-Corrugated plastic sheet


-Arduino (A small type like a Nano)


-Servo motor

-Garden hose fast connector

-Plastic filament for the nose cone (probably PLA)

-Two-Part Epoxy

Minimum, maximum and certainly achievable goal.

Basic goalMake the rocket fly
Maximum goalAltitude of 100 meters, two stage rocket
Definitely achievable goal Make the rocket fly and use a parachute