Davide Bacilieri

I’m Davide Bacilieri, class 2019 at Liceo Roiti, and I now attend the second year of the Physics department of the University of Ferrara.
I’ve joined the HoPE when I was in the 4th year of the “tradizionale” course at Roiti, in the year in which it started.
From the next year on I switched roles, from student to mentor, so as to give other people the same opportunities I’d had.
Outside this project I have a wide range of interests: from sports (like swimming, cycling and climbing) to programming, through my scout group and role-playing games.
Wanting to talk just about plain utility, this project gave me lot of new knowledge, beside the ability to think more freely thanks to its environment, which is completely free of any attempt at measuring people (whether against each other or any kind of “objective scale”), and the capability of working together with other people in an effective way.
Expanding the view, thanks to this project many deep friendships were born and made stronger, which persist even after the participation in the project itself has ended for some; moreover, the mentors group, or rather community, which expands every year with students of the previous one, is always a great example of collaboration and reciprocal trust and esteem.