Fabio Travagli

Hi, I’m Fabio Travagli, class of 2021, and I’m attending the science applied course at the high school Liceo Scientifico A. Roiti. I’m not a particularly active person in terms of sport but sometimes I praticate rowing and in summer I really like doing long walks in the mountains. I’m an electronic enthusiast and also I love reading PK’s comics. This is the third year that I partecipate in the hope project and this summer I participated in the EDW, the summer continuation of the program. I personally had a very good feeling of the people and the ambient since the first moment that we started making something together and, personally, this experience thought me a very important lesson on how to interact with other teammates, thing that could sound easy but that I’ve so much improved during these years in human relationship skills and this was enough to calm down my instinct to take the lead and don’t leave space to anybody. I met wonderful people capable both to teach to me and learn from me in a funny way and this is makes, for me, this project special.