Iron Fist

Team Mission: Crafting a magnetic glove

Why do you want to do this project?
Having fun while learning physics, challenging our-self

Why do you want to do this project? Because It is funny, It can be used for a rehabilitative purpose

It is a glove that is able to attract and throw metallic objects using electromagnetic force.

Project Purpose:
Lifting small metallic objects from a medium distance.
Project Structure:
A glove with 4 electromagnets powered by a battery. The electromagnets are placed one in the palm and the others on the 1st, 3rd and 5th fingers.
Materials needed
-Barbecue glove
-electric cable
-metal core
-Arduino circuit

Minimum Target
Building a magnetic glove that can lift 5 paper clips
Maximum target
Lifting 100g of iron
Definitely achievable goal
Building a magnetic glove

work in progress…