Luca Cristaudo

My name is Luca Cristaudo and I am a former student of the sportive course at the high school Liceo Scientifico A.Roiti (class of 2020). I am nowadays studying medicine at the University of Bologna and I have participated in the HoPE project since the very first year even if two years ago I took a break for various reasons. My passions are sports in general including basketball that I have played in recent years and foreign languages that I try to cultivate in my free time. Project HoPE has given me the opportunity to approach physics in a completely new way and has given me wonderful experiences in and out of school. I will always be grateful to the professors and people who made this project possible because it can change the school life (and not only!) of kids by making students feel at home within the school walls. That is why I am so happy to be able to contribute to this project even though I am no longer part of the school.