Team mission: The final goal is to build different types of engines to power a car model to compare their efficiency. 


The project is a car model which supports different types of engines as like the solenoid electric engine. For each engine we are going to do our best to maximize the efficiency and then compare them all. The car is going to be able to make slopes and to be controlled by a joystick/other kind of remote device.

Structure of the project

  • Solenoid electric engine (pistons, magnetic wire solenoids, Arduino, battery, wood, 3D printed plastic parts).
  • Chassis.
  • Body of the car. 
  • Remote controller. 
  • Other types of engines (not specified yet)


  • Wood
  • 3D printed plastic parts
  • Magnetic wire
  • Arduino
  • Batteries with an high  Amps*hour 
  • Magnets (in order to build pistons)


The minimum goal is to build a solenoid electric engine, we’re definitely going to achieve this result. The maximum goal is to build multiple engines. The average goal is to make a working model that can be controlled and be make slopes.

Why you want to do this project?

Because it’s a hard project which implies hard achievements, it gives us the opportunity to study the physics laws of magnetic camps and electronic circuits. Furthermore, we want to understand if this academic field can be part of our study path.