Mission del team: To guide blind people 
during their all-day routine 
and give them the indipendence they diserve

Perché volete fare questo progetto?

We would take a part  of this project because, we would help blind people building a glasses. This is only a little contribution for a long path. We hope this project could be just the beginning for the project more complex.

Perché può interessare anche qualcun altro?

Because it could help blind people to walk around more quietly, so it could stimulate other people to help in this enterprise and do a good deed for the community.


If a blind person needs to move alone on the street these glasses could be an excellent solution.

Finalità del progetto:

We would that our glasses to warn the blind people if there are some dangers (only) through some alarm. For the example the sensor will be electromagnetic, of movement or thermal.

Struttura del Progetto:

It’s a pair of glasses with a double structure build to keep safe the electronic parts (sensors of temperature, movement and electromagnetic sensors) that should warn the person with vibrations or sounds

Materials needed

  • Sensors (thermal, motion, electromagnetic)
  • plastic / wood frame
  • lenses


Minimum, maximum and definitely attainable goal

Minimum goalBuild a pair of glasses with a thermal / motion / electromagnetic sensor that is able to detect a type of obstacle for a blind person and to warn it through either a vibration or a mini speaker
Maximum goalBuild a pair of glasses with all sensors and mini speaker that warns the blind person
Definitely attaainable goalTo built a pair of glasses that should be comfortable and light