Team mission:
Learn about computer science, electronics and manual skills

Why do you want to do this project?
The idea of ​​making a piano on which you could dance and walk caught the attention of everyone at first glance. Then, talking about it all together and analyzing the various ideas and opinions, we made a collection. So we set various goals for our project: in the end our piano, in addition to playing obviously, will capture the energy produced by the steps and be interactive.

Why can it be of interest to someone else too?
because we took so much time, effort and it’s a fun project to use and build

… ..

Purpose of the project:
Our project is based on the construction of a piano-carpet which can be played by walking or jumping on it. Also, we would like to make it so that can capture energy produced by movement and that is interactive with a quiz that involves the user of the piano.

Project Structure:
Description of the overall structure of the project, identifying the different parts that make it up.

Wooden structure with two parallel pieces of wood, separated by various springs (number to be defined), -> these are the keys side by side and blocked by a piece of wood on one of the two narrower sides where all inside the arduino will be hidden.

A tonographer will take care of producing the sound (approx.)

It is 15/20 cm high, depth: 1 m and a half with 75 cm black keys (= reach up to half), → to form an octave 240 m (done with a calculator and not considering the thickness of the wood etc …) each key is 25/30 cm wide

Materials needed
Scotch tape

Minimum, maximum and certainly achievable goal.

Minimum targettwo minimum objectives:-interactive quiz-derive energy
Maximum targetbe able to draw the energy and make it interactive
Goal definitely attainableworking piano (able to play)