Why do you want to do this project?
We thought that this project was the most interesting and engaging. We’d like to build something which could be used everyday and which is easy to use.

Why can it be of interest to someone else too?

There are moments when you feel bad and you would like to jump off the window. Buy Sproky and you will surely jump off! Otherwise you can cheer yourself up listening also to some happy music.

…… …

Purpose of the project:
The purpose of this project is to build a smart speaker which can detect the weather and play different type of music based on atmospheric conditions.

Project Structure:
Sproky is a bluetooth speaker which has a special button that activate the weather mode. You can control the speaker from your smartphone thanks to an app. In the app you can choose which mode you’d like to use: the weather mode or the heartbeat mode. The speaker works with Arduino / Raspberry and it’s bluetooth connected to the smartphone, where it takes songs.

Materials needed
Arduino / Raspberry
Rechargeable battery

Minimum, maximum and certainly achievable goal.

Minimum goalBuild the speaker which takes songs from the smartphone
Maximum goalBuild the speaker which can play a song based on the weather
Certainly achievable goalBuild the speaker